The combined photonic (630 and 860 nm) and kinetic energy (massage and vibration exercise) procedures used in our weight loss practice are safe for men and women of any skin type or ethnicity. They are carried on in private, comfortable rooms.

Do you want a flat abdomen, curves in all the right places and toned muscles?

You can have them all without surgery and at a fraction of the cost! No need to go to the gym to do extreme exercise or be bound to crazy diets. *Every patient is different.  A unique treatment plan will be tailored to meet the specific desires and goals of each individual patient. Full body therapy (face, upper arms, abdomen, hips and thighs) may require 20 or more sessions, with 2 sessions per week. Although in most cases there is rapid circumference reduction in areas like the abdomen, the final results from this procedure are not immediately noticeable.  After each therapy session, it takes the body several days to completely eliminate the melted excess fat.

Weight control is a gradual process. It took years to increase your weight and it will also take time to improve both your external figure as well as to normalize your complex internal metabolic changes.

Does East Downtown at Guadalupe Clinic system work?

Yes. However, each person responds differently to dietary intervention based on their genetic tendencies, current health status, sex and overall nutritional pattern. While results vary from patient to patient, your degree of cooperation with our guidelines is the key to success. This requires effort from you, but the reward of steady measurable progress will motivate you to persist. Remember that the major objective is overall health improvement. For instance, if you are diabetic, you should see blood glucose improvement with hemoglobin A1c decrease and reduction of cholesterol levels. You will feel happier and have more strength. Externally, having better-fitting clothing and a leaner mirror image will be rewarding.

 Contraindications are few. They include pregnancy, active cancer, pacemaker, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. Our up-to-date information is based on the most reliable medical research resources.


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