(a) Guadalupe Clinic method to improve body shape and to control weight

Introduction: In our medical weight loss practice, we apply the newest photonic and kinetic energy procedures that are safe for men and women of any skin type or ethnicity. They include the latest phototherapy technology as well as massage, vibration exercise and electric muscular stimulation.  They are carried out in private, comfortable rooms. Do you want a flat abdomen, curves in all the right places and toned muscles?  You can have them all, without surgery and at a fraction of the cost!

The initial objective is to improve your body figure by eliminating specific areas of excess fat (like from your belly). You will be happy to see that you will have adjusted a couple of sizes from your dress or pants with the initial photonic and vibration therapies.

To obtain lasting results, it is necessary to search for diseases that may cause fat deposition.  It may be simply overweight or obesity. Or there may be insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypothyroidism, testosterone deficiency, polycystic ovaries or another hormonal, metabolic or genetic problem.   We will perform comprehensive laboratory blood and urine tests.  Based on this exhaustive background, we will recommend the specific therapies necessary to correct any underlying problem, working with your primary physician.

Another point is that modernization has caused for many people dietary changes and a sedentary life style that are extremely unhealthy. Reasonable and tasty diets as well as adequate exercise are needed. This is easier said than done. We will help you by personal instruction about proper nutrition, how to change your bad eating habits and how to create the necessary positive mental attitude to implement the changes.

Our doctors will discuss a treatment plan according to your unique goals. You may have general goals, such as overall figure improvement or to learn healthier ways to eat. Or you may have specific problems to solve, such as to reduce a muffin top or other problem area that prevents clothes from fitting comfortably; or inner thighs chafe from enlarged circumference; or perhaps double chin or enlarged male breasts.  We are dedicated both to correcting your body figure and to improve your general health.

Technical details: We use the most technically advanced and powerful non-invasive body shaping system.  It consists of photonic energy at 630 and 860 nanometers that induces the fat cells to release their fat which is then removed by the lymphatic system, metabolized into fatty acids, glycerol and water, used as fuel and eventually disappear. No harm is done to the fat cells. They shrink to a fraction of their original size.  It is like taking a 30 minutes sun bath. No needles, no surgery.  No pain, no discomfort, no disruption of your daily activities (school, work, gym, etc.). No adverse short or long-term side effects. Drug and chemical free.  In addition to the slimming effects, the photonic energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles and resulting in a more youthful skin look. This is complemented by mechanical energy therapy consisting of massage, vibration exercise and, when needed, electrical muscular stimulation.

A therapy session example:  Let us consider a diabetic patient that is moderately obese and is concern about his prominent abdomen. Based on his physical and metabolic profile there is agreement in starting a series of twenty sessions of whole-body phototherapy with emphasis in his abdomen. Each session will consist of 30 minutes of phototherapy to include the entire body (face, arms, abdomen, hips and upper legs). This will be followed 10 minutes of manual massage of the treated areas, 10 minutes of electrical muscular stimulation of the abdomen and 15 minutes of vibration exercise. The patient will receive two sessions per week for 10 weeks.  The patient may lose some weight and waist circumference inches immediately, but it will take a couple of months to obtain the expected final results. There will be continuous monitoring of body measurements (circumference of abdomen, waist, etc.), body mass index, body composition changes (relative amount of fat, muscle and water) at each session and periodic blood and urine metabolic tests to document progress towards the goals.  Improvement of blood pressure, cholesterol levels and hemoglobin A1c are frequent additional benefits in diabetic patients. Results are not guaranteed. They must be combined with diet, exercise and treatment of the underlying disease.

Comparison with other local fat elimination systems: LIPOSUCTION: This is a traumatic surgical procedure in which tubes are inserted to suction the fat away. It needs anesthesia because is painful and requires hospitalization. It leaves bruising and swelling on the treated areas. It takes several days before daily activities such as work or school can be reassumed. Fat embolism and risk of blood clots forming in the arms or legs have been described.  It leaves scarring in the incisions where the tubes were inserted. It cannot improve cellulite dimpling. Even worse, cellulite may appear in the treated areas because of uneven removal of fatty tissue. Since the local fat cells were largely removed, future fat accumulation may occur in unusual body sites.

TUMMY TUCK (ABDOMINOPLASTY): The abdominal wall muscles become stretched because of weight gain, pregnancy or both. Their tightening is the main objective of the tummy tack. Furthermore, the excess skin and fatty tissue is removed.  This is a traumatic surgical procedure that requires anesthesia, hospitalization and long recovery time.  Instead, with our technique, we can eliminate the excess fat, tighten the skin and tone the abdominal muscles without any of these troubles.  The abdominal circumference can be reduced with figure improvement.  In some cases, muscle relaxation is more difficult to correct. Surgery may be still necessary.

THERMAL FAT DAMAGE: There are other non-surgical procedures that destroy the fat cells by heat (laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound) such as Alma, Palomar, Candela, Contour, Cynosure, Zerona, Lomenis, SharpLite, Scion, Ultra shape, True Sculpt and Vanquish or by cold (cryolipolysis) such as CoolSculpturing. All of these are improvements over liposuction. However, they still produce pain, redness, swelling and bruising and irreversible damage to the fat cells with possible fat maldistribution through the body if there is future weight gain. Instead, our procedure makes the fat cells to expel their lipids but do not destroy the cells.

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