1. Find an active sport or a hobby such as dancing that you will enjoy.
  2. Take a walk alone or better with friends.
  3. Walk or ride instead of drive.
  4. Even if you drive, park further from the entrance.
  5. Use stairs instead of the elevator.
  6. Visit museums or the zoo.
  7. Walk inside a shopping  mall in bad weather.
  8. Rake the leaves, do some gardening, wash the car or do brisk housekeeping.
  9. Track your movement with a wearable fitness device. A pedometer is a cheap and effective motivational tool to be more active.
  10. 5-10 minutes work outs free videos (kettlebell, squats, lunges, etc.) can be seen in U-tube. Weight resistance training (lifting, planking), cardio exercise (cycling, jogging, swimming) and others are more complicated but helpful activities.
  11. High intensity interval training. You will do some exercises with machines in our clinic but it can be performed with no equipment and for free at home (see free exercise internet sites).
  12. When time is limited, spread the activity in small chunks. Every bit counts.
  13. Have a realistic goal. Make a written plan of what exercises you will do and when you will do them.  For instance, plan to walk 30 minutes most days during lunch break with coworkers. Start implementing it with no delay.

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