This is a traumatic surgical procedure in which tubes are inserted to suction the fat away. It needs anesthesia because is painful and requires hospitalization. *It leaves bruising and swelling on the treated areas. It takes several days before daily activities such as work or school can be reassumed. Fat embolism and risk of blood clots forming in the arms or legs have been described.  It leaves scarring in the incisions where the tubes were inserted. It cannot improve cellulite dimpling. Even worst, cellulite may appear in the treated areas because of uneven removal of fatty tissue. Since the local fat cells were removed, future fat accumulation may occur in unusual body sites.


The abdominal wall muscles become stretched because of weight gain, pregnancy or both. Surgical tightening is the main objective of the tummy tack. *Furthermore, the excess skin and fatty tissue is removed.  This is a traumatic surgical procedure that requires anesthesia, hospitalization and long recovery time.


There are other non-surgical procedures that destroy the fat cells by heat (laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound) such as Alma, Palomar, Candela, Contour, Cynosure, Zerona, Lomenis, SharpLite, Scion, Ultra shape, True Sculpt and Vanquish or by cold (cryolipolysis) such as CoolSculpturing. *All of these are improvements over liposuction. However, they still produce pain, redness, swelling and bruising with irreversible damage to the fat cells with possible fat maldistribution through the body if there is future weight gain. Our procedure makes the fat cells expel their lipids but does not destroy the cells.


With our combined techniques of phototherapy, massage and vibratory muscular exercise, we can eliminate the excess fat, tighten the skin and tone the abdominal muscles without any of the above side-effects.  For instance, the abdominal circumference can be reduced with marked figure improvement.  *In a few cases, muscle relaxation is more difficult to eliminate and surgery may still be considered for total shape correction. In addition, extreme weight loss may create loose skin, requiring surgery to correct it. Some extremely obese people may require operative procedures in their digestive system called bariatric surgery.  They include gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass and biliopancreatic diversion. All of them are very drastic. If they are necessary, we will help you to make the most adequate decision. 


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